Could investing in apartments for cashflow enable you to be more financially resilient in an uncertain world? If you think so, connect with me to find out if the Apartment Masters programme is right for you. 

Traditionally events have been my opportunity to share with a wider audience my market experience and expertise, showing how every day Aucklanders are able to profit by Investing in Apartments for Cashflow.

Back in March I was forced to cancel our annual event due to government decisions in the face of the COVID-19. In early August I thought it was safe to begin planning for an October event only to be shut down again!  Now, after much deliberation I have decided it may be safer for everyone to put aside any ideas of running Investing in Apartments for Cashflow in 2020.

Many of you will have already experienced life changing events in 2020, unique to the COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns.  The unique challenges may have also provided an opportunity to review how you spend your time, how you earn income and other critical lifestyle choices.

I have decided to turn the challenge of not being able to run events this year into an opportunity for you by offering a one-on-one Zoom meeting to discuss your financial situation.