The Importance of having TUTOR help for Property Investment

The Importance of having TUTOR help for Property Investment

grant-hoey-smallInvestment in Property is a great way to make long-term profits as long as the process is based on sound experience. More often than not, the new investor has neither the experience nor the contacts to access such experience. Sound experience and expertise is vital for a winning investment.

Some of the more obvious benefits of property investment are a steady rate of return, an increased cash flow accruing through rental income, long term returns as value appreciates, tax benefits and security.

Once a budding investor embarks on investing in property, they need to consider the following questions:

  • Should they start with residential or commercial property? If residential is chosen, should they buy land, a house or an apartment?
  • What’s the best location strategy?
  • Whether living in or renting it out is preferable
  • What level of investment should they enter the market with?

The property market is a complex animal with changes taking place constantly which are difficult to follow for an inexperienced would-be investor.

Here’s some obvious and not-so-obvious reasons for seeking the help that a Property Tutor can provide:

  • A Tutor will have a broad overview of the WHOLE marketplace, instead of limited local place information
  • A Tutor has a reputation to uphold and if being a Tutor is their principal occupation, you can be sure that your success is their ultimate aim
  • Their prior hands-on experience in Property Investment is experience that cannot be found in most other classes of work in the property market (example: Real Estate Agents)
  • Sufficient experience as a Tutor means they are a TEACHER, well able to coach a diverse range of student abilities
  • Here are some of the many solid-gold advantages of having a Property Tutor:
    • Provide leads to get discounts and rebates
    • Learn how to get the best price through negotiation
    • Provide the best places for investing in property with higher appreciation potential
    • Offer expert advice about the documentation process
    • Dramatically shortcut the often lengthy process in finding property worth buying
    • Greatly lessen risk in investments
    • Speed up the process of purchase and all the legal processes involved
    • Create and monitor a long term investment strategy for future investments
  • Property Investment requires speed and precision in all aspects, and this is often the very reason that new investors fail. Shortcut all these processes by learning from the successful experience of others who are specialists in the field and know how to pay for services. It is extremely important that professional help is taken when investing in property.

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Grant Hoey is an expert in Apartment investing, with the specialty of Auckland City Apartments.

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