If you have ever considered investing in apartments, I can’t recommend Grant Hoey highly enough. He is by far the best property mentor I’ve had in my investment journey to date! He not only teaches you the basics, but also encourages you to work independently by growing your understanding of all the intricacies of working in this market. And never have I felt left to my own devices – Grant is always available to either encourage or talk through a new challenge, double checking your calculations and pointing out how the different options might impact a decision.  He knows the city apartment market inside out! There are also other amazing investors in Grant’s mentoring group who share your journey, cheering you on and who eventually become friends. Arista, August 2019

Grants experience in Apartment trading has been invaluable because he has been in the market through the boom and bust cycles which have seen him adapt to the changes that challenge all property Traders. His strategies and foolproof advice lessen stress when making decisions, especially in the current market where opportunities are rife if you are armed with the know-how to recognise them.  This is the quickest way to expand your property knowledge and gain experience in a field where not everyone is an expert and mistakes are made by the inexperienced. These mistakes are opening up opportunities and with Grants guidance, profitable deals can be done.  Ann L., April, 2019

I whole heartedly value Grant Hoey’s knowledge, experience and integrity.  Grant empowers hands-on-learning with support all along the way.  I felt nurtured and encouraged in new and exciting situations.  I am so grateful for clear guidance and informed choices that led to wise decisions.  Ann M., April, 2019

After several years of investing in Auckland property I decided to try my hand at the city’s apartment market. A good friend and fellow investor wisely advised that I should first contact Auckland’s apartment market guru, Grant Hoey. It turned out to be some of the best advice I have ever had. The Auckland apartment market is a vibrant and exciting micro market that presents challenges for even the seasoned investor. The knowledge and guidance provided by Grant was essential to learning it’s many intricacies and gave me a safe and very enjoyable journey of discovery. Jacqui, November 2018

I have completed two years with Grant in his Apartment Masters Programme.  I have learnt how to buy and sell in the City Centre and now have the confidence which I would not have gained if I hadn’t had Grants knowledge and support.  His years of experience in the apartment sector are incredibly valuable. He is able to guide you through the buy and sell process with ease. The Programme gives the group support which is unique and unlike anything I have experienced before.  You quickly build relationships and trust within your group members and are able to help each other out when buying and selling. Added bonus is you make friends along the way! Education in the Masters Programme is something you will have forever.   Maxine, March 2018

Grants knowledge and experience in buying & selling of apartments in Central Auckland is unsurpassed. He gave us the confidence to buy pre-auction and helped us through every crucial step to achieve success. His hands-on approach is exactly what we needed even though we thought we were experienced Investors. With his guidance and expertise, many of the risks were avoided or minimised.  Our friends are amazed that Grant is only a phone call away and his guidance has literally eliminated the daunting and often challenging situations of buying and selling Real Estate. Ann & Peter, March 2018

Having just finished my second year of trading with Grant, I can update how important it has been to be part of a group with the change of market this year. Grants knowledge of the markets through the years had helped to ensure we are kept right up to date with figures and ways to adapt to the market. Gina, May 2019

I have been with Grant’s Apartment Masters programme for almost a year and can’t speak highly enough of Grant.  In particular his knowledge and total commitment reflects in his professional attitude to the market. His knowledge of many building issue’s from leakers to no CCC is unparalleled.  Without being a member of Grant’s group I would be extremely wary of investing in the Auckland apartment market. Grant has created excellent resources and spreadsheets to help everyone be able to work out deals for themselves although he is always checking on each and every one of us to be sure we are not making costly mistakes.  I highly recommend Grants program to any considering entering into investing in the apartment market. Brian, March 2018

Grant has a wealth of knowledge in the Auckland city apartments. As part of Grant’s group you have full access to all of his expertise and information that he has amassed over many years. Grant is always available to answer your texts or calls which can be a God send when making quick important decisions. Gina, March 2018

Apartment trading can be a minefield for the uninitiated so being part of the Apartment Masters programme has been worth its weight in gold.   Grant’s mentoring and support has been invaluable when making not only buying, but selling decisions too. His experience and knowledge is the best out there. He’s been the crucial key to the success I’ve been able to achieve and the programme has given me a wealth of skills and education. Highly recommended to anyone serious about the apartment market.  Leigh, March 2018

Thank you for spending the time at lunch yesterday going over Keith’s and my financial figures. I have really enjoyed working with you and the group over the last seven months. I have liked the open friendly way the group has functioned and its willingness to share valuable market information.  Jackie, December 2012

Thanks so much for your help Grant.  Awesome to be buying our first hold! You really help us change our lives and move forward.  First hold of many! Have just read ASB offer properly… they throw in $500 cashback and a tablet with fixed @ 5.19% fix 2 years.   Not sure what I’m most excited about. I wanted to get a tablet as reward for my second trade and now I get it already! Ha haa, awesome.  Marit, December 2012

Grant has personally guided me and given me the confidence with his masterly strategies of negotiating, in clinching one great trade, where i profited to double the cost of the mentoring programme.  An honest, extremely motivated and inspirational mentor, who takes great pride in seeing great results from the clients. All members of the mentoring programme have a close bond, and all have valuable experience to share , which is of great help.  A great opportunity for anyone wishing to start a career in property investment. I personally endorse Grant as a 100% successful, and result oriented mentor. Nelson, February 2012

Thanks to Grant Hoey and his Apartment Masters programme, which gave me the skills, confidence and ability to take action and secure an awesome deal on an Auckland city apartment in Lorne St.  I made a profit of $10,000 in three weeks. There is no way I could do this in a regular job or business. Grant, July 2011

Grant has given us the confidence to begin our property investment journey. Since being in his mentoring program from 2009, we have had some great hands on experience of property trading – all our deals to date have been success’ and it is only with Grants knowledge and guidance that this has been possible. Sharing knowledge in the group sessions is also invaluable – you learn not only from your own experiences in the market but also everyone else. Very powerful stuff! Jill, February 2011