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Join These Property Experts On Sunday

You know you’re in good company when you get amazing bonuses just for attending Grant Hoey’s Cash Flow Apartments seminar on Sunday. We have new bonuses too, so read on. Plus on Sunday you’re going to get the very latest update from local experts on the Auckland property market and specifically how you can invest in Auckland inner city apartments.

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Two’s Company – JV Deal

During the year two investors in Grant’s mentoring program joined forces and together they tackled a large renovation in the Metro building in Wakefield Street.

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Why I want to meet you on Sunday 21 May

Have you downloaded my 2017 Cash Flow Apartments eBook yet? I share some of my investor clients recent apartment deals like Cathy’s small apartment deal which gave her $53,056 in gain after costs. It’s really amazing how well investors are doing with Auckland apartments when they know how to buy well, and add value.

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Cash Flow Apartments Seminar – 2 for 1 Deal

Hi Grant Hoey here, I am busy working hard on my content for this Sunday’s Cash Flow Apartments Seminar. The timing is right for property investors to consider Auckland City Apartments as part of their portfolios. There are many investors

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Did you miss the Webinar? Watch this video

Grant Hoey is the Auckland City Apartment Master – and you can meet him on Sunday 30th March 2014 at the “Cash Flow Apartments Seminar” >>click here

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Grant Hoey Webinar – Thursday 20th March

Why Do Property Investors Want Auckland Apartments? Join this WEBINAR  on  Thursday 20th March @ 7.30 pm Property Investors are fast realising they can make huge gains from investing in Auckland City Apartments. Webinar Presenter Grant Hoey – is a

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