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Property Expert Don Ha Interviews Grant Hoey


Apartment investor and mentor Grant Hoey has been applying his trade in the inner city of Auckland since 2005 and Real Estate sales expert Don Ha believes Grant knows the market better than anyone. In this video, Grant does something he’s never done before; he opens up to Don on why investing in Auckland apartments is a winner for investors now and the foreseeable future.

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Investor’s First Apartment Trade

Grant Hoey’s knowledge, networks and expertise in  the Auckland apartment market has earned him the right to say he is the number one mentor for apartment trading. Meet Fran, she is a property investor on Grant Hoey’s mentoring program. Fran

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I Know Where The Profit Is In Auckland Apartments

There’s plenty of profit for investors in Auckland Apartments! “Auckland apartment investor and mentor Grant Hoey says 2015 was hugely popular for property trading in Auckland apartments.” This quote is from an article on PropertyBlogs My investor clients made tens

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