Smallest Apartment Nets Most Profit For Cathy

Smallest Apartment Nets Most Profit For Cathy

From my new Cash Flow Apartments 2017 eBook…..

The best apartment I had the most fun with in 2016 was a tiny apartment in the Silo Apartments building. When I say tiny I’m not joking it was just 22 square metres. What made it an attractive buy was a very large deck and a carpark plus it’s location near Auckland University and the city. We renovated the whole apartment in two weeks including the standard inclusions i.e. a new bench-top, cupboards, vinyl, carpet, blinds and paint. Staging it for sale was more of a challenge than usual due to it being pint sized. We could only fit a single bed in so we focused on utilising the outdoor space. This apartment was on the market for two days before we received a pre-auction offer.

“This apartment cost the least and rewarded me the most.”


Property Price


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