Property Experts Investing Tips – 20 March 2016

Property Experts Investing Tips – 20 March 2016

For one day only every year Grant Hoey shares his investor insights on Auckland city apartments. There is no doubting the huge value growth in Auckland apartments over the last 18 months; it’s covered in Grant’s latest eBook but where exactly are investors making their profits? You can find out at the Auckland Cash Flow Apartments Seminar.

On Sunday 20th March Grant Hoey and his guest speakers will let you know:

Practical do-it-yourself strategies and tactics to enable you to find, analyse and secure profitable property.
How to make sure your inner city property is cash flow positive from day one.
How to sell your property for the best price.
What’s really going on in the Auckland city apartment market.

What apartment deals have investors done recently?  Book now and you’ll find out how investors made a profit from Auckland Cash Flow Apartments.

Matthew Gilligan of GRA and David Windler of Mortgage Supply will join Grant and give their expert insights on the Auckland Apartment market from a tax and accounting and financing perspective.

Plus remember Fran from Grant’s mentoring program? You’ll meet property investors like Fran at this one day event – on Sunday 20th March, Auckland. There is so much knowledge and practical tips to gain from attending this event.


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