Property Expert Don Ha Interviews Grant Hoey

Property Expert Don Ha Interviews Grant Hoey

Apartment investor and mentor Grant Hoey has been applying his trade in the inner city of Auckland since 2005 and Real Estate sales expert Don Ha believes Grant knows the market better than anyone.  In this video, Grant does something he’s never done before; he opens up to Don on why investing in Auckland apartments is a winner for investors now and the foreseeable future.

Investors don’t like to share their tips and knowledge as it may give their competition a competitive advantage.  Grant however has built a business on doing exactly the opposite and his investor clients rely on him to share what he knows and more, so they can profit from investing and trading Auckland’s inner city apartments.

What You Will Learn In This Video Interview

  • How Grant got into apartment investing
  • What to look out for when buying an apartment
  • Why apartment carparks are valuable
  • What apartment developers are building and what they’re leaving out
  • Why investing in Auckland apartments is a good investment for the foreseeable future
  • How successful Grant’s investors clients were in 2016
  • How to meet Grant and where to get his investing tips

The apartment market has a fast turn-around for traders (buying and on-selling) and good cash flow for buy & hold investors however it has it’s own set of rules that Don Ha says Grant knows better than anyone.   Watch the video now and you too may be wishing you’d considered this market sooner.  The good news is – there’s plenty going on and lots of opportunity available for the smart investor.

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