Positive Cashflow From Auckland City Apartments

aucklandCome and learn how to create a new business by investing in Auckland central city apartments for instant and long term cashflow creation, which can help you diversify your income and achieve your financial freedom.

With the Auckland central city apartment market now coming back into the construction phase of the property cycle which saw in the last cycle a large amount of apartments built, and in this latest construction cycle the trend is set to be repeated again in no less a dramatic duplication of hundreds of new apartments coming online within the next two years.

Come to my one day event to learn how you can diversify your property portfolio with purchasing cashflow positive apartments and how you could make a career from investing in Auckland central city apartments and how you can profit from this property boom which is coming and it will reward many investors who choose to invest in this diverse and dynamic property market.

I have been investing in the Auckland central city apartment market fulltime since 2005 and I have seen the results of a construction boom and the effects of an apartment bust and I have learnt first hand how to profit from both of these market conditions. The opportunity is available to you this year to learn from a property investor who has been there in the Auckland central city marketplace fulltime where I share all my experiences and knowledge with you once and only once this year.

Rents have been consolidating and increasing right across the range from studios to the larger 1,2,3 bedroom units making previously purchased apartments a wise and profitable investment with their returns increasing steadily over the last two years.

A property investor who has purchased many apartments and who continues to do so and is willing to share all his experience and knowledge in a profitable property market must be worth listening too if you have even the smallest interest in any property market because the skills and knowledge that is shared can be duplicated in any property market in New Zealand, from Kaitaia to Invercargill.

Over the years I have helped many people invest in central Auckland apartments for positive cashflow, transferring my skills and knowledge to these investors so they can have the same successes that I have achieved in the cities dynamic apartment market.

I firmly believe this city market will grow alot more diverse in the years to come which cements my medium to long term investing goals for many years to come in this property market.

Auckland central city apartments is a property market which offers any property investor an opportunity to diversify their property portfolio or it offers new investors to the business of property investing opportunities that can be capitalised on for a number of years to come. Whether your looking for your first home, your first investment property or looking to add to your existing portfolio the central city apartment market offers a diverse range of investing opportunities. You just need to learn and understand what these opportunities are, so by attending my seminar on how to invest in central Auckland apartments would be a very valuable use of your time. Come and listen to people who currently invest in apartments and are to followed my advise and experience and profited from taking the action and achieved amazing results from investing in central Auckland apartments. Listen how step by step how they have achieved financial success from this property market, hear their stories from the beginning and how step by step they learnt how to successfully invest in central Auckland apartments to achieve their financial goals.

Any property market is changing and you need to be at the fore front to be able to make the right decisions quickly and accurately to profit and achieve the goals you have set for yourself, my seminar shows you first hand the building block you require and the steps that need to be put in place to minimise any losses and to maximise your successes.

Asset protection, goal setting, portfolio diversification, structure creation, finance, market knowledge, market rents…. just to name a few of the critical actions and knowledge that is required to invest profitably in the central Auckland apartment market.

There are a number of strategies that can be employed to build and profitable apartment portfolio either for long term cashflow or short term cashflow financial goals, depending on your requirements, these strategies will be detailed in my seminar in march, showing you first hand how to maximise the your profits from the investing strategies best suited to achieving the financial goals you have written down and set for yourself.

Come and see first hand apartment investing first hand with deals that have been completed in todays market right here right now, showing you how just about anybody can utilise the strategies that available today to achieve their individual financial goals. Listen, learn, be held accountable and take structured directed action to achieve financial goals you may have never have thought available to you.

Wanting to setup a new business, wanting to create some financial opportunities for you and your family, or just want to diversify your income streams well central Auckland apartment investing could be perfect to help you achieve some of your goals for 2014. Property investing is a business like any other business that you may currently own or be working for, it must be treated like any other business venture, with the same level of respect and planning. The more time you put into anything, with the right direction and planning amazing things can be achieved and it is exactly the same for investing in central Auckland apartments. Planning, goal setting, learning, listening and getting along side the right people who have the experience and knowledge so you can follow their experience and knowledge so you do not have to make all the common mistakes that most people make, by doing this you are short cutting to your success of achieving the goals that you want, now and in the future, which could be as simple as creating another income stream to give you choices in life that may not have previously had, by buying back your valuable time so working more part-time at your current job to give you more choices on how you spend your time.

Ever wondered how to create and nurture a profitable relationship with the most critical team member of your property investing team?

Which one of these team member could I be talking about???

Your personal banker
Your finance broker
Your accountant
Your structures expert
Your rental manager
Your real estate agent
Your builder
Your electrician
Your plumber
Your staging person
Your painter
Your carpet layer, tiler

Don’t be too concerned if you got the answer wrong, many people do and this is the biggest mistake people make when they invest in property, whether they are buying or selling any residential property.

We have available to us all the strategies, knowledge and experience to profitably invest in property in new and in particular central Auckland apartments, you just need to know how to find it but having the right attitude to take the right action to succeed.

But the one thing we do not have control over in the property market place is the vendor of the properties you want to invest in. We do not have any control on when or how or what properties come on the market to buy. By creating and nurturing a healthy relationship with a number of real estate agents in the central Auckland apartment market increases dramatically your chances of finding out about those deals before any other purchaser do. At my one day seminar on investing in central Auckland apartments I detail how to create and nurture theses relationships so you can profit ahead of many others in this property market. The age old adage of when you do a deal with an agent you have a friend for life is so true!

Central Auckland purchasing strategies

For sale by listed price
For sale by pbn
For sale by tender
For sale by auction
For sale by private sale
For sale by expressions of interest

Learn from easy to follow step by step processes to put yourself in the best position to maximise your chance to buy an apartment at the right price when faced with the purchasing processes as above.

Multiple offer situations

Learn from easy to follow step by step processes to put yourself in the best position to maximise your chance to buy an apartment at the right price when faced with the purchasing process of a multi offer situation.

Adding value through cosmetic renovation is a great example opportunity of using a cost effect form of dramatically adding significant value to a central Auckland apartment. Simply by adding new carpet and or painting the apartment can increase the rent or get you a better quality tenant and if you are selling the apartment make the sell alot easier and perhaps even increasing the sale price also if done correctly and at the right costing to complete the renovation. I have all the best tradesman at the right prices that we use on a regular bases. Because I renovate apartments on a regular bases we also know which suppliers with the best prices are for hardware items etc for a renovation.

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