Investor’s First Apartment Trade

Investor’s First Apartment Trade

Grant Hoey’s knowledge, networks and expertise in  the Auckland apartment market has earned him the right to say he is the number one mentor for apartment trading.

Meet Fran, she is a property investor on Grant Hoey’s mentoring program.

Fran went to Grant’s annual Auckland Cash Flow Apartments seminar held in March then joined his mentoring group to skill up on apartment trading.

Apartment trading requires timing, and the numbers need to work just like property trading however there are some nuances particular to the apartment market that need to be considered when buying and selling Apartments.  Fran says Grant has been an integral part of the process for all her apartment trades.  Grant’s advice on buying and selling and also how much renovation is required on each apartment really does make the difference to the profit line.

Fran’s First Apartment Trade

308/145 Symonds St, Madison Building

numbers image

apartment image

The renovation of this apartment had to be completed in just two weeks.  Thankfully what this apartment required was ‘almost’ standard fair for the renovation team.   New carpet, plus all walls painted, a new bench top, lighting, new floor tiles and a splash back were added.

Removal of an existing wall and construction of a new wall was also achieved within the two week renovation window plus an additional sprinkler was added.

While the profit gain from this apartment isn’t huge it works for Fran due to the fast turnaround allowing Fran to get on with more deals.  Since this first deal Fran has completed a couple more and is currently doing a joint venture with another investor on Grant’s mentoring program.

Do you want to know how to do deals like this one?

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