I Know Where The Profit Is In Auckland Apartments

I Know Where The Profit Is In Auckland Apartments

There’s plenty of profit for investors in Auckland Apartments!

“Auckland apartment investor and mentor Grant Hoey says 2015 was hugely popular for property trading in Auckland apartments.”

This quote is from an article on PropertyBlogs

My investor clients made tens of thousands of dollars in profit from Auckland apartments in 2015. Check out this Apartment deal in Bianco off Queen.


*The costs include: agent fees, lawyer fees, the renovation and home staging for the sale.


Bedroom ‘before and after’ image is above and the image below shows a bathroom before and after renovation and staging.


Do you want to know how to do deals like this one? Then book now for my one and only event for 2016.

Seats are limited and tickets are selling fast.

There really is plenty of profit in Auckland Apartments and my clients know how to find it. For more information click on …..
Auckland Cash Flow Apartments – 20 March 2016.


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