Great Deal On My Seminar Now On GrabOne


My Auckland Cash Flow Apartments Seminar is 6 days from now and GrabOne has a great deal on tickets.  I also want to let you know my apartment funding expert; Dave Windler of Mortgage Supply is confirmed as a speaker at my event and his content is specific to funding apartment investments.  Dave Windler is one of New Zealand’s top investor funding advisors and at my seminar on Sunday 21 May the information he will share  will provide attendees with what they need to know to invest in apartments with confidence.

Apartment funding expert: Dave Windler’s topics for the Cash Flow Apartments Seminar  include:

  • Apartment funding explained – how funding works in the Apartment market
  • Why apartments are great investment sector; especially for first time investors due to the lower cost to buy into the market
  • How to secure lending and mortgages in a challenging market
  • How to get your equity out of your existing property and how make it work for you with your investments

Remember to grab your ticket either from GrabOne or you can go direct to and pay for one ticket and I’ll send you another ticket for free.

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