Grant Hoey Webinar – Thursday 20th March

Why Do Property Investors Want Auckland Apartments?

Join this WEBINAR  on  Thursday 20th March @ 7.30 pm

Property Investors are fast realising they can make huge gains from investing in Auckland City Apartments.

Webinar Presenter Grant Hoey – is a seasoned property investor who has specialised in the Auckland Apartment market for many years.

Grant has just released his latest eBook – ‘Gain Cash Flow From Apartments’ and now you can meet him on this webinar.  Grant will let you know why property investors are making huge gains from investing in Auckland City Apartments.

In this Webinar:

  • How to Gain Profit from Auckland City Apartments
  • Why Investing in Apartments Works For Property Investors
  • What’s Going On In The Market To Drive Interest In Apartment Living
  • Compare Apples with Apples not Apples with Oranges – Apartments do vary greatly –  Grant will explain how to choose the correct niche for different investment strategies.


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