You know you’re in good company when you get amazing bonuses just for attending Grant Hoey’s Cash Flow Apartments seminar on Sunday. We have new bonuses too, so read on. Plus on Sunday you’re going to get the very latest update from local experts on the Auckland property market and specifically how you can invest in Auckland inner city apartments.

My Auckland Cash Flow Apartments Seminar is is 6 days from now and GrabOne has a great deal on tickets. I also want to let you know my apartment funding expert; Dave Windler of Mortgage Supply is confirmed as a speaker at my event and his content is specific to funding apartment investments.

Have you downloaded my 2017 Cash Flow Apartments eBook yet? I share some of my investor clients recent apartment deals like Cathy’s small apartment deal which gave her $53,056 in gain after costs. It’s really amazing how well investors are doing with Auckland apartments when they know how to buy well, and add value.

The best apartment I had the most fun with in 2016 was a tiny apartment in the Silo Apartments building. When I say tiny I’m not joking it was just 22 square metres. What made it an attractive buy was a very large deck and a carpark plus it’s location near Auckland University and the city.

Grant Hoey here. My new eBook on Auckland Cash Flow Apartments in 2017 is online and you can download it right now for free.

In 2016, my investor clients completed 66 Auckland apartment deals – it was our best year to date and some of these projects are in my new eBook.

Apartment investor and mentor Grant Hoey has been applying his trade in the inner city of Auckland since 2005 and Real Estate sales expert Don Ha believes Grant knows the market better than anyone. In this video, Grant does something he’s never done before; he opens up to Don on why investing in Auckland apartments is a winner for investors now and the foreseeable future.

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For one day only every year Grant Hoey shares his investor insights on Auckland city apartments. There is no doubting the huge value growth in Auckland apartments over the last 18 months; it’s covered in Grant’s latest eBook but where …

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