Cashflow Apartments Seminar 2015

Cashflow Apartments Seminar 2015

In nine and a half weeks Grant Hoey will be back on stage for his annual Cashflow Apartments Seminar. This year promises to be even more loaded with current Apartment investing deals than previous years. We know 2014 was a great year for property investors generally and the Apartment sector has also proved to be very profitable particularly Grant’s mentoring clients.

The opportunities are still out there for investors to secure Auckland apartment deals for buy and hold and trading.

Grant had a very busy 2014 and at the Cashflow Apartments Seminar 2015 he will be providing detail on actual deals done last year.

Not all deals work out as planned however the investors who engaged Grant Hoey as their mentor got a better result. ¬†Grant’s input ensured his clients were fully armed up with his experience and knowledge to achieve a better result and at the Cashflow Apartments Seminar 2015 you’ll witness just how his input turned deals around for his clients.

Very exciting – see you there.





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