Auckland Apartments Make Over

AucklandThe Auckland apartment market has come of age. It is no longer just a bunch of ‘shoe boxes’ (smaller units under 40 square metres). What’s on offer now meets the needs of the bargain hunting investor, the first home buyer, the family owner occupier, and the top end luxury buyer. Auckland Apartments offer great value compared to standalone properties. However it is a market on the move.

Apartment price expectations rose 17 per cent for the same period (January 14 – January 15), with a huge 21.8 per cent rise in Auckland to $439,150


Grant Hoey, Auckland Apartment Investor and Mentor says his clients love investing in apartments that are not greatly desired by other purchasers.

My investing clients typically purchase apartments that are a bit tired and in need of a refresh. These apartments do really well back on the market after they have had new carpet, the walls painted, and sometime more complex work carried out like reconfiguring the layout.

Just like standalone properties there are a lot of shoddy, out of date apartments in need of a cosmetic make over. Most property purchasers want homes that don’t require renovating. They will choose the apartment that’s ready to move into over one that needs work.

Grant Hoey’s mentoring clients don’t just invest in the low end apartments. Mid range apartments also get their make over and they on sell really well.

For more information on Grant Hoey and how to profit from Auckland Apartments go to the Cashflow Apartments Seminar 15th March 2015.

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