When Grant left school in Dargaville and headed to Auckland to make his fortune, he soon realised that working in an aluminium joinery factory wasn’t going to cut it.  

Always interested in property, he took his first step on the property ladder with a section on Auckland’s, North Shore in 1995 where he built his first home, then purchased an investment property.  Over the next eight years he averaged an investment property a year. Then in 2002 Grant took the plunge and went into the property market full-time and his property portfolio really took off.

From investing in houses, Grant expanded into the Auckland city apartment market developing strategies and tactics that produced remarkable results. Today, Grant’s portfolio of apartments and residential properties is significant, and his tutoring has guided over 150 people to also achieve fantastic results.

Starting in May 2005, Grant dedicated six months to learning everything there was to know about investing in Auckland city apartments including meeting numerous sales agents, property managers, building managers, valuers and mortgage brokers specialising in the industry.  The hard work put in by Grant prior to his first apartment purchase gave him the industry contacts and knowledge he later relied on when a few challenges came his way.

Today, Grant spends his time mentoring others as well as working on his own investment property portfolio.  He gets great pleasure in helping others on their path to success.