Grant Hoey | Apartment Master

Grant Hoey | Apartment Master, has been personally investing in property for over 25 years and mentoring clients to do the same for the past 14 years. During this time he has seen many ups and downs in the property market making him able to work with the ebbs and flows.

It all started when Grant left school in Dargaville and headed to Auckland to make his fortune, it wasn’t long before he realised that working in an aluminium joinery factory wasn’t going to help him realise that dream. He took his first step onto the property ladder in 1995, purchasing a section on Auckland’s North Shore where he then built his first home and shortly after purchased an investment property. Over the next eight years he averaged an investment property a year. Then in 2002 Grant took the plunge and went into the property market full-time and his portfolio really took off.

Before he even made his first apartment purchase, he spent six months learning the intricacies of the Auckland apartment market. This, on the ground research involved meeting numerous sales agents, property managers, building managers, valuers and mortgage brokers specialising in the industry. The hard work put in prior to his first apartment purchase gave Grant the industry contacts and knowledge he has later since relied on when challenges come his way. He stresses the importance of knowing the value of what you buy.

These days, Grant spends his time mentoring others as well as working on his own portfolio. Each year he forms an exclusive group of people who wish to work under his guidance to build their own investment portfolios, specialising in Auckland apartments. Grant is passionate about helping others on their path to success.

The financial freedom this journey has given Grant and his family support a lifestyle which allows him to enjoy life to the fullest and includes spending time with the family, playing golf, fishing off the coast, playing golf,  dining out and playing golf.

Grants proven direct experience in the Auckland apartment market coupled with his financial planning qualification makes him a market expert and someone well worth taking note of if you are thinking of investing in Auckland apartments.