Month: January 2015

Cashflow Apartments Seminar

Grant Hoey’s mentoring clients had a superb year investing in Auckland Apartments in 2014. The deals they did secured thousands of dollars in profit and equity. Many deals were purchased, renovated and on-sold within seven weeks!  Grant has spent years

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Apartment Living – On Trend

The large house in the ‘burbs’ is no longer ‘on trend’ – that’s the reserve of ‘Apartment Living’.  It’s taken some time but finally Apartment Living is all the  rage and it’s intergenerational too.   Living a stone’s throw from work,

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Cashflow Apartments Seminar 2015

In nine and a half weeks Grant Hoey will be back on stage for his annual Cashflow Apartments Seminar. This year promises to be even more loaded with current Apartment investing deals than previous years. We know 2014 was a

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